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The Tail Of Felinius J. Catthias

A Tragedy In Eight Parts

(!!!now featuring NEW ART!!!)

Story Synopsis

  The Tail Of Felinius J. Catthias is a Tragedy/Romance that is set 
from 1979 through 1992. It recalls the life of Felinius J. Catthias 
a young feline who has a rather negative outlook on just about everything
untill the day he meets his Soulmate Amistice who changes his entire world.
For the first time in his life he truly feels the emotion Love. Throughout
his life Felinius learns many things about Love, Death, Joy, Sorrow, 
Friendship, and Forgiveness. 

  This story is essentially a spinoff of "Rabbid Rabbit And The Cockneys"
It features a few of the characters from that story and since they nearly 
parralel each other as far as the time period the characters crossover 
into each others stories.

  The Story is set mainly in London and has a very dark atmosphere with many
Spiritual overtones and symbolic imagery. Some of my heaviest influences 
for this story were the Music of The Cure (especially the albums Faith and 
Pornography) and other similar bands such as Joy Division (and the tragic 
death of Ian Curtis), Specimen, and various early 80's bands from the 
Deathrock movement. Another influential source was the architecture of the
churches and cathedrals of Europe (especially england). Each one seems to
tell a different story. 

  I also was influenced by life itself and how precious it is. I felt too 
many people go trhough life and take it all for granted. I wanted to show 
one such example with Felinius. Even though he does learn it the hard way, 
He does eventually find the beauty in life. That also relates to a 
predominant theme in the story. "Reaching and striving for your dreams".

  As you can probably tell the backdrop for the story is the early 80's 
Deathrock movement. Throughout the story different bands make cameo 
appearances. However the names are changed to fit with the universe that
all of my stories take place in. Some of the more well known bands featured 
are "Baumaus", Siouxsie & The Kitties" (I made the band members cats in 
tribute to Siouxsie Sioux's Love of felines((They are also my favorite 
animals)) "The Fur", "Alien Skunk Fiend", "Goat Dance",  A few bands I'd 
like to do that I haven't found proper titles for yet are 
"The Sisters Of Mercy", "Specimen", "Skeletal Family", "Christian Death", 
"Gene Loves Jezebel", "Depeche Mode", "Joy Division", etc. etc. 
(I am always thinking of new bands to include, I would love to fit in 
Oingo Boingo somehow but they wouldn't really fit in with the atmosphere 
of the story.) 

!!!!NOTE:((If you have any input or ideas I would 
love to hear from you and if you have a suggestion that really impresses me
I'll be sure to give you proper credit.))!!!! 

"Baumaus" one of the most influential bands of the Deathrock movement.

Felinius in a rare happy mood.

Most likely because his love Amistice is near

Felinius's best friend and owner of Cafe' Mortis Artemis Bedford and Osiris lead singer of Amistice band Sarcophigi

This is an as of yet unamed character who will be a friend of Felinius and Amistice (Notice his "Alien Skunk Fiend" shirt

Two early character designs of Felinius.

I felt this design stood out and showed alot of Depth.

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